About Us

Revived Inns was formed in 2016 and has grown steadily each year. It operates seven  pubs across Kent, Sussex, East Sussex and West Sussex.

We are passionate about food and our emphasis is very much on quality dining based on classic pub staples with some more adventurous offerings.  We very much want to maintain the “country inn” atmosphere of our pubs and drinkers in the bar areas will be made to feel very welcome at all times. 

Our Head Chef will ensure you always receive a simply delicious meal from seasonal menu, crafted by a well qualified and ambitious chef.

Tom Stovold - Managing Director

"I am passionate about reviving pubs - Hospitality is in my blood.

We are a food led business and have a straight forward

approach with regards to quality, consistency and marketing.

We want you to have excellent service and a fresh and

tasty meal every time"

James Pearson - Director of Business Continuity

"Now more than ever it is important that pubs  be valued

by their customers. To continue post covid-19, I believe we need

to be more than a pub chain, we are family friendly restaurants,

relaxed drinking retreats, somewhere to relax and unwind and

so much more!"

Nigel Tideswell - General Manager

Nigel is based at the Rose Revived, our first and still our flagship

Pub. He has worked in the industry all his life and has a wealth of

knowledge. Nigel has assisted Tom in growing the business to

where it is today. Why not drop in to the Rose and say hello...

Kipras Balciunas - Head Chef

"My passion is food. Having been with the company since the

beginning and know how dedicated my chefs need to be, in 

order to keep our customers happy. We as a team want to

keep our menus changing with the seasons, whilst keeping

your favourite and classic pub dishes available year round!"

Katie Riley - Office Manager

"My role is to keep the business running from behind the scenes. 

I oversee all the HR and Payroll tasks and keep accounts in order."

If you decide to join Revived Inns you will certainly meet Katie as

she will be the one who pays you!


Steve Elliot - Business Development & Procurement 


"My role is to keep the business growing, and at the forefront of

the hospitality industry. As we expand it is important to remember

where we started, and why that was - to revive old pubs!" 


Angus Atherton-Palmer - Health & Safety

"I take care of ensuring we follow the highest levels of health and safety

in the workplace. I am also a covid-consultant."

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